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“She just doesn’t see…”

Back in the world, but still playing catch up. I should be back with (ir)regular service in the next day or two.

New comment policy

I’ve gotten sick of Akismet occasionally derping out and letting in a flood of spam comments. The comments seem to largely be on older posts, so from now on, I’m closing comments on any post older than 30 days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

MBS, now with TLS

Just a note that this blog now (finally) supports HTTPS. Depending on the page, you may get mixed content warnings still, since I can’t gone through and re-written embeds and stuff like that yet. But the blog itself now sports a shiny new cert and is reachable via HTTPS, as every good site is. My current hosting provider, Dreamhost made it stupidly easy to set up, really driving home how embarrassing it is that I hadn’t set it up yet.

Anyway, better late than never.

A Note on Spam Filtering

So I’ve recently had some problems with my spam filtering. Rather than letting too many comments through, as has happened a couple times in the past, my combination of Akismet and CleanTalk started shit-canning every comment, spam content or not. After a little differential diagnosis, I figured out that CleanTalk was the culprit, so I’ve uninstalled the the plugin for it. If anyone thinks they’ve lost comments to the over-zealous spam detection engines, please let me know by post or email.

A New Policy on Spammers

There’s been a particularly egregious spam-flood here of late. Akismet has kept back the majority, but some of the filth has still seeped through. As such, I’m instituting a new policy for spammers, effective immediately. Hereafter, any spammers caught within the perimeter will be fed to the Crabipede.

What’s a Crabipede you ask? Here’s a delicious-looking necropsy of a juvenile specimen:

Fear the Crabipede

Spammers be warned.

“I thought it less like a lake and more like a moat”

I realized today that Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism album came out almost 10 years ago, having been released on Oct. 7, 2013. This realization has me feeling rather nostalgic for my undergrad years, seeing as that record soundtracked much of my sophomore year at Gonzaga.

I strongly recommend that you do yourself the same favor I have this evening: pour yourself a drink, put on some headphones, and listen to the title track in a dark, quiet room:

“I appear missing”

Sorry for the radio silence. I just moved apartments and re-establishing Internet connectivity took longer than expected. I switched my provider from Comcast to Condo Internet and so far I’m thrilled with the decision. Better service, faster connections, and roughly same monthly price. Win-win-win.

I’ll have more about the move later, but for now, entertain yourself with the new Queens of the Stone Age singles, “I Appear Missing”, off of their forthcoming album …Like Clockwork, coming June 4th on Matador Records:

Our Long Spam Nightmare is Over

Ever since I upgraded to WP3.5, Akismet has periodically just stopped filtering spam. I’ve hoped that it would ultimately learn enough to block the waves and waves of forum spam I was getting, but I eventually just got fed up and replaced it with CleanTalk. CleanTalk appears to be working as advertised because the blog immediately went from ~100 unblocked spam messages a day to zero.

Of course, with any new spam system, there’s always the possibility of false positives. As such, if you attempt to comment ’round these parts and your comment doesn’t appear, please shoot me an email to report the problem.

Akismet Fail

As of a few days ago, my install of Akismet effectively stopped blocking spam. The result was over 800 spam comments within about a 48 hour period. I think I have the situation under control and that Akismet is working again, but if you see tons of spammy junk in the comment section the next day or so, that’d be why.

Also, I have to clear out the comments that got through by hand (the Akismet “recheck queue” functionality still isn’t working for some reason), so if I accidentally spam-can a legitimate comment, then you have my apologies.

Please either repost it, or leave a comment below letting me know.

Please Hold While We Upgrade Your Viewing Experience

A wordpress update underway. Please report any breakages to the management.

In the meantime, please enjoy the smooth musical stylings of Mr. M4SONIC, performing his original composition, “Virus”. Take it away!


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1.) Carry out your own dead.
2.) No opium smoking in the elevators.
3.) In Competitions, during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players may take cover without penalty for ceasing play.
4.) A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place.
4a.) Penalty one stroke.
5.) Pilsner should be in Roman type, and begin with a capital.
6.) Keep Calm and Kill It with Fire.
7.) Spammers will be fed to the Crabipede.