I had a total small world moment earlier today. I was driving back from the Tri-Cities, trying to beat snow that was forecast for Snoqualmie Pass, when my good friend Jon called. I went to college with Jon and he’s probably the person most to blame for me realize that I was secretly a libertarian. We talked for a little while, mostly just catching up. At one point, however, Jon asked me how it is that came to follow Timothy B. Lee on the Twitters. See, it turns out that Jon is friends with Tim’s brother, having gone to High School with him.

Well, you see, I don’t know Mr. Lee. I am, however, very good friends with Heather, who is in much the same line of work as Mr. Lee. Heather and I have been very close friends ever since high school. At one point, Heather linked me to an article that Lee had written for the Cato Institute. That had lead me to his twitter, I had followed him, since his worked seemed interesting.

So I know two different people, from different phases of my life, who both happen to know the same person in two entirely different ways. That’s odd enough, in and of itself.

But here’s where it goes from coincidental to Twilight Zone/Truman Show territory. See, I hadn’t talked to Jon in several months when he called, seemingly on a whim, whilst I was driving through the Selah hills. Not an hour earlier, I had been sitting in a Mongolian buffet in Kennewick, having just had lunch with Heather, who I hadn’t seen in almost a year. The topic of conversation? Her work in privacy. One of the names that came up? Timothy B. Lee.

So to recap: today I had lunch with a close friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year, then spoke on the phone with a good friend I hadn’t talked to in several months. These two friends don’t know each other. They do, however, both know Timothy Lee, in two different ways. Timothy Lee gets mentioned in both conversations.

I think Jung would call this syncronicity.

I call it a weird coincidence.

Punch line: as the world becomes increasingly connected, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be an appreciable increase in the frequency of events like these. The world, despite all our advances, isn’t getting bigger.

It’s getting much, much smaller.