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The nth rule of recursion club is the n-1th rule of recursion club.

Conway’s Game of Life, implemented in Conway’s Game of Life. (Via friend-of-the-blog H.)

“Sure as night becomes the day, romantics end up the same way”

One of my few remaining pure pop pleasures is London-based group Allo Darlin’. The first single off of their forthcoming third record is a supremely rare thing: an infectious pop song in a minor key. It features a thicker, louder arrangement than the band’s typical fare, but singer and composer Elizabeth Morris’ voice manages to still captivate, despite the distractions of the more aggressive accompaniment.

Their third record, We Come From the Same Place is due out this October.

Living in the Future: Digital Makeup Edition

OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING. from something wonderful on Vimeo.

“Babe, with the warmth of my love”

Route 94 – My Love ft. Jess Glynne (Director’s Cut) from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Your Brain is Lying to You

“That’s some disease you got there, a lousy friend”

That Will Lead to Some Interesting Preflight Checks

A pilot lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached as he was coming in to land, an accident report has said.

The Flybe flight from Birmingham, with 47 passengers on board, was approaching Belfast City Airport in gusty conditions on 12 February.

It landed heavily but no-one was hurt and the plane was not damaged.

The pilot said he would be more cautious in future about checking his attachment, according to the report.

Glenn Greenwald on Chinese Network Gear and Competitive Surveillance

“Warning the world about Chinese surveillance could have been one of the motives behind the US government’s claims that Chinese devices cannot be trusted. But an equally important motive seems to have been preventing Chinese devices from supplanting American-made ones, which would have limited the NSA’s own reach. In other words, Chinese routers and servers represent not only economic competition, but also surveillance competition: when someone buys a Chinese device instead of an American one, the NSA loses a crucial means of spying on a great many communication activities.” – Glenn Greenwald, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U. S. Surveillance State


These “hyperlapse” videos are stunning. They’re time-lapse videos taken from personal cameras, but with new frame-stabilization methods that give them a smooth, surreal beauty.

In Memoriam, William F. Ryan, S. J.

I attended a memorial service today for perhaps the most important teacher I’ve ever had. Fr. Ryan was not only phenomenal scholar and instructor, but one of the kindest, funniest men I’ve ever had the honor of knowing.

He taught me many important lessons, but one that has stuck with me most keenly has been his warning against the existential vacuum of purposeless life. Man must have meaning in life. We must, each of us, have something towards which we orient ourselves, and for which we strive. I know that for Fr. Ryan, the education, development, and flourishing of his students was one such goal. And for that, I am immensely grateful, and deeply humbled. His dedication to education (along with his charm, wit, and incisive intellect) were incredible to behold.

I say with absolute certainty that the world will never see his kind again, and that we are all poorer for his passing.

But we’re all richer for his having been on Earth.


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Magic Blue Smoke

House Rules:

1.) Carry out your own dead.
2.) No opium smoking in the elevators.
3.) In Competitions, during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players may take cover without penalty for ceasing play.
4.) A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place.
4a.) Penalty one stroke.
5.) Pilsner should be in Roman type, and begin with a capital.
6.) Keep Calm and Kill It with Fire.
7.) Spammers will be fed to the Crabipede.