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“And blood will run through the streets of Rome today”

A Portrait of the Thomases

“I had yet to see Caitlin’s angry, intellectual milkmaid’s face. I hadn’t realized who it was beneath the dress until I asked a slender, elegant young man next to me. That, he said, with an irony that was the chief ingredient of the new American poetry, is Caitlin Thomas.

I wondered … where Dylan was. Has he hiding his face, too?

He was in the bedroom that opened off the studio, in a corner where he was surrounded by slender young men. It was as if they had thrown up a picket fence to protect him, not only from Caitlin but from America, from criticism, from mortality. He was no longer the pretty, pouting cherub of the Augustus John painting, but a man swollen by drin, and by sorrow, perhaps, or poetry. He looked like an inflatable toy that had been overinflated.

You forgot Dylan’s faults when you read his poems or heard him recite, but he was not at his best at parties. To him, an American party was like being in a bad pub with the wrong people. He appeared to have no small talk– or harly any kind. The slender young men bounced off him in disappointment.” – Anatole Broyard, Kafka was the Rage: A Greenwich Village Memoir

Alright, we’re in

“She just doesn’t see…”

Back in the world, but still playing catch up. I should be back with (ir)regular service in the next day or two.

Please stand by…


Busy as hell these days, so posting will be even lighter than usual for the next week or two. In the meantime, make yourself right at home and feel free to avail yourself of the complimentary scotch and pistachios, stored in the usual location.

An Idoru dispels misconceptions about Japan

William Gibson sadly unavailable for comment.

“He played it left hand / But made it too far”

Sad news comes tripping down the wire tonight. David Bowie has passed away.

God speed and good rest, Mr. Bowie. Thanks for being weird and helping the rest of us out here in space do the same.

“If we start right out by asking ‘What is bias?,’ it comes at the question in the wrong order. As the proverb goes, ‘There are forty kinds of lunacy but only one kind of common sense.’ The truth is a narrow target, a small region of configuration space to hit. ‘She loves me, she loves me not’ may be a binary question, but E = mc^2 is a tiny dot in the space of all equations, like a winning lottery ticket in the space of all lottery tickets. Error is not an exceptional condition; it is success that is a priori so improbable that it requires an explanation.” – Eliezer Yudkowski, Rationality from AI to Zombies

“This can be the bitter end / I know it won’t”

God damned if this isn’t just a perfect gem of a song. One of those SSPU songs that makes it seem like they were created in a lab just to appeal to me. And here, stripped so far down that you start to see bone beneath its normally fuzzy, fleshy exterior.

Truly a thing of pure joy.

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Magic Blue Smoke

House Rules:

1.) Carry out your own dead.
2.) No opium smoking in the elevators.
3.) In Competitions, during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players may take cover without penalty for ceasing play.
4.) A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place.
4a.) Penalty one stroke.
5.) Pilsner should be in Roman type, and begin with a capital.
6.) Keep Calm and Kill It with Fire.
7.) Spammers will be fed to the Crabipede.