Destruction is always easier than creation: “By Stefanovitch’s reckoning, just two individuals had accounted for almost all the destruction, eviscerating the completed puzzle in about one percent of the moves and two percent of the time it had taken a crowd of thousands to assemble it.”

Alternately phrased: one malicious shitheel can destroy the work of hundreds of good people, but only if the system permits it.

One thing that I think gets glossed over in the (otherwise) excellent write-up above is that Stefanovitch’s original reckoning was correct. The project didn’t actually have one antagonist, but two. I’ll give you a hint as to the other:

“‘We were crossing our fingers, hoping we wouldn’t get sabotaged,’ says [REDACTED], the team’s security expert.”

“Security” “expert”. Malfeasance is one thing, but when it comes to security, willful incompetence is just as bad.