I’m spending the evening using a metal rectangle full of little lights to prepare a presentation for my colleagues. The presentation is about a horrible failure in the way our light-boxes share patterns with one another. It allowed them to know each others secrets! Patterns of lights were seen where they weren’t meant to appear! While I change the lights in my presentation, I realized that I was low on a few essentials, including black pepper and diet pepsi (two of the foundation stones of my food pyramid). Fortunately, we have a whole army of light-boxes whose whole job is to use light patterns to signal a fleet of pickers, packers, shippers, and drivers, to deliver essentials right to my apartment at short notice. And so, with a few deft flicks of the lights, I signaled what I needed and scheduled a convenient time for them to deliver it, less than 24 hours in the future.

Our light-boxes may not make us as happy as a cat, but they sure can solve a lot of problems for us. (When their patterns aren’t all wrong and causing us tons of grief, that is.)