I’m thrilled to see the announcement of the new Kindle Fire HDX tablets. I’m very proud of the part my team and I have played in getting the new devices ready for launch. I’m also very happy to see some of the other cool features that the other device teams have been working on. May Day looks like an awesome feature that will be a huge help for our customers, and off-line viewing of Amazon Video content will no doubt be very handy. I’m especially thrilled to see the continued expansion of the X-Ray family of features. I’ve only used it for books so far, but it seems like a killer feature to have for movies and music as well.

And while I very much believe in Jeff’s comment from the Kindle Fire HD launch last year to the effect that we want to win when you use your device, not when you buy a new one, I’m thrilled to see that we’re continuing to innovate with regards to form factor, display, hardware specs, etc. so that users who do choose to upgrade will definitely be rewarded with a better physical device.

Please do check out the product page for more details.

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