Die Antwoord, from an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Are you guys still planning on coming out with solo records?

Yo-Landi: We decided to just do singles, not records anymore. It’s so long. You have to take a year off. At the end, you make maybe 20 songs, and we only end up using 10. It’s such a long process. In the end, the ones with the videos are the ones that seem to be [popular]. So we think it’s better to make a single and make a video for it, a single at a time, instead of a full album.

Ninja: You will get an album over a period of time, an album’s worth of material. But we’re just dropping a single with a video. We feel like it’s a waste for us to make a song with no video. It’s an extension. It’s all one thing. The song exists really strong, and the video gives it a good frame. It’s all part of the same thing.”