If you wonder where your humble host has been these past few weeks, I submit for your consideration the shiny new look and feel of Amazon Silk. Thanks to all of my colleagues on the Amazon Silk team. The new version is a huge step forward and I know for a fact that everyone busted their asses to get it done.

I’m on the team that owns the UI look-and-feel and a lot of the user-facing features, so this is a pretty big release for us. I’m damned proud of the browser we delivered and I hope our customers enjoy the new hotness.

And now, a word from the tech press:

“The latest version of Silk has made several improvements, starting with a new tutorial that gives users a better look at the features when launching the browser for the first time. Once the tutorial is completed, you’ll now be greeted by a new start page with a listing of most-visited pages and an empty address bar so you can quickly get to browsing.

Other improvements include a better tab layout to make navigation easier, a new slide-in panel navigation bar as well as an improved “Readability view” that strips out the excess parts of a page to make it easier to get through long articles on web pages. As a whole, the Silk browser seems to have received a much-needed facelift that should impress Kindle Fire users.” – Andrew Martonik, Android Central

Along with the update, we’ve also put out a Developer’s Guide for any web devs curious about Silk and some of its unique features.