In case anyone missed it, Amazon announced a new generation of Kindles today. It includes a new generation of E-Ink kindle, a refresh of the Kindle Fire, and the new Kindle Fire HD in two sizes. We also showed off a huge number of cool new features like X-Ray for movies, Time to Read, and tons more. If you missed the launch announcement (shame on you), here’s a good live-blog from the folks at The Verge.

The new devices are super slick, the new features are insanely cool, and the launch event was very well done. I’m very proud and extremely excited to have had a (very small) part in getting these devices ready for launch. They’re insanely cool, and I truly believe that Amazon is well-poised to take over the tablet market. We’ve got great hardware, killer features, and the best ecosystem.

We’ve also got the right strategy. Because as Jeff said in the launch event, we win when our customers win.

Oh, and to all the other tablet manufacturers out there:

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