I haven’t had a chance to read P. J. O’Rourke’s new book, but I did stumble across this amazing interview he did for Wanderlust. They talk about his excellent book Holidays in Hell and compare it with his newly released sequel to it, Holidays in Heck. My favorite bit from the interview:

I was up on the Pakistan frontier, trying to get into Afghanistan as the Russians were being kicked out of there in 1989. And the best informed person I ran into was, of all things, a Christian missionary. He’d had fuck-all success converting anyone, but he had actually met the Taliban. As with many pious people the Taliban had respect for other religious people. They have a certain respect for other people of the Book. What they really hate are atheists.

Anyway, this missionary had a really nice relationship with the Taliban and at one point, in the chaos, he had to leave his warehouse full of food. The Taliban took it over and were launching anti-aircraft missiles from his warehouse. When he managed to get back to Kabul, the Taliban took him back to his warehouse and proudly showed him that they hadn’t touched any of his food. There’s rice and sugar and so on and in the month or so he’s been gone they have not touched this.

“Everything is here as you left it,” they said.

He pointed to the missile launcher and said “I don’t remember leaving that here.”

“No, no, no, that’s us. But we have not touched any of your food.”