As many of my readers know, my day job is as an engineer on Amazon’s Kindle team. So it’s with great pride and a little bit of bragging that I direct your attention to the new lineup of Kindles that were announced earlier today. I am and always will be a huge fan of the Kindle, and I’m really excited about the new devices.

Especially exciting, though, is the new Kindle Fire. Now for a technophile, I’m usually not in the earlier adopter part of the curve, but this is one gadget for which I’m definitely jumping in the preorder line.

A few of my favorite little features:

  • Amazon Silk = CRAZY SEXY
  • Free month of Prime to get people hooked on AVOD!
  • Whispersync for video! Brilliant idea.
  • Easy integration of my Amazon .mp3, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Kindle library all on one device.

Awesome stuff. Nov. 15th can’t come fast enough.

Working at Amazon has been, in many ways, a humbling experience. And working on the Kindle team has shown me just how much hard work it takes by tons of brilliant people to ship an awesome product like this. I’m very proud to be working on such awesome products, and I just wanted to say good job and congratulations to the rest of the Kindle group.

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