A few firearm related points. Go go gadget bulleted list! (Pun unapologetically intended.)

  • Via the excellent Firearm Blog comes word of new XDM Competition Series. It features adjustable rear and fiberoptic front sights, a lightened slide, and 5.25″ match grade barrel. As a big fan of the Springer XDs, I’m pretty sure I need one. Now if only I had several hundreds of dollars of free cash to drop on a nice new competition gun.
  • I hit the range today for the first time in *mumbledy mumbledy* months. I was amazed at both how bad my groups were when I started and how much they improved in just a hundred rounds or so. It may not be exactly like riding a bike, but my fundamentals came back pretty quickly and by the end I was chewing the 9 rings out at 7 yards. Which isn’t superb, but it’s good enough for just getting back into the swing of things.
  • The range I hit up today was called West Coast Armory. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Their range facilities were well-maintained and modern. They’ve got a variety of ranges, each with plenty of bays. They’ve even got inside rifle ranges rated for up to 7.62x39mm (~1500 ft lbs muzzle). Highly recommended. I’ll definitely be back.