A few items to tide you over while I, Frankenstein-like, resurrect the blogs from a week of death.

1.) I’m back in the States. My trip to the UK was amazing. We stayed in London, with a few day-trips. There will be a full write-up, with pictures, in the near future. In the meantime, just trust that it was awesome.

2.) There’s nothing quite like meeting up with old friends. I saw my friend Lauren for the first time in 6 years. In the meantime she’s both gotten married and become Dr. Lauren. But we still related just as easily as we did back in our college days. We also met up with one of Annie’s friends from her travels and had a grand time drinking in a tapas bar near King’s Cross. Good times.

3.) This song is so good it hurts. I love John Darnielle so much.

4.) When I got back to work this morning, my email inbox contained over 3800 items. And thats with things heavily filtered to discard a lot of the kruft. So that was pretty much my entire Monday.

More later. For now, I play an epic game of Catch Up.