So, in my last post, I alluded to big news that had kept me from updating my blogs. Now that I’m mostly settled into my new life, I’m going to try to get back to posting more frequently.

So, without further ado, the Big News: I’ve taken a job at Amazon as an analyst supporting the Kindle team at large and, in particular, the new (still in limited Beta) Kindle Development Kit for active content. In the process I’ve up and moved from Spokane to Seattle. So in the last month or so, I’ve quit my old job, condensed my life into boxes, and trucked myself across the state to start a new life here in Seattle.

And can I just say: it’s been hectic, but awesome. I’m honored and thrilled to be working at Amazon. I’m working with a great team on an awesome product for an excellent piece of hardware. I love the city of Seattle. I’m fortunately to have good friends and dear relatives on this side of the mountains. All told, it’s been an amazing move thus far.

So stay tuned here and on my other frequencies, the signal should be picking up around these parts.