So I’ve lost the original error message, but I ran into an issue setting up the Android SDK in Eclipse. The error message was something to the effect that Eclipse couldn’t find “aapt.exe” in the version-specific SDK tools folder.

I browsed to the folder specified and confirmed that the executable was there. I checked my path to the Android SDK and it was correct.

After futzing around for a little while I instructed Eclipse to clean all projects in the solution. As soon as I did that, my firewall (COMODO) popped up a warning that Eclipse was trying to access aapt.exe, which was an unknown executable. I selected “allow” and, after Eclipse cleaned and rebuilt the project, the errors went away.

So, if you run COMODO and you get funky errors from Eclipse about not finding SDK components, clean your solution. If that fails, check your firewall settings to make sure that those executables aren’t being blocked.