Cross-posted from my non-code blog.

This stuff looks crazy awesome. It’s called Sugru and it’s a moldable, putty-like substance that dries into a high-strength silicone. I love the idea, and I love that it’s being marketed precisely to people who like to hack things. Alas, it’s sold out at the moment, or I’d be buying some right now. I can think of at least a half dozen projects for which this would be perfect. (E.g. custom-fitted, cushy silicone recoil pad!)

Can’t wait for them to get more in stock.

I love that this product explicitly combines two of the things that I think are poised to help revolutionize our culture and our world: the hacker ethos and material science. Now maybe (read: definitely) this is starry-eyed utopianism on my part, but the more people who internalize the idea that they can and should hack their stuff, their world, and themselves, the better. I think that being a hacker speaks to one of the primal elements that makes us human. I think that a far better descriptor for us than “man the wise” (homo sapiens) is “man the hacker” (homo textor? Homo abetor?)

So now combine that hacker spirit with the fact that our fundamental understanding of how materials really work is just starting bear some really cool fruit, and the future begins to look pretty damned awesome. See, we, as a species, moved from the stage of using ambient materials we found around us (flint), to reproducing materials that we first created by serendipity (bronze), to fine-tuning those serendipitous materials (high-carbon steel). But it’s only recently that we’ve gotten to the point where we can actually design materials to achieve the properties we want. Sugru is one such designed material.

So human-designed materials that are explicitly targeted to the hacker soul in each of us. How awesome is that? Rhetorical question. The answer is, of course, “insanely”. Better (non-rhetorical) question: when can I get my hands on some?